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Fort Ord Hostel Society plans a youth hostel in Seaside, CA, near Monterey Bay and Cal State University, with comprehensive facilities.

The Fort Ord Hostel Society is a 501(c) non-profit organization associated with Hostile International (HI). It was formed to develop a youth hostel for travelers in Seaside, located on the Monterey Bay in northern California and adjacent to California Monterey Bay State University. The organization has a four acre land lease with the City of Seaside as a part of the Campus Town, an ambitious plan that includes housing, hotel rooms, a hostel, retail and dining. The property was originally part of the Fort Ord Military base.

The planning program is to house a maximum of 75 travelers. The facilities includes, 17 shared rooms. That can be reconfigured to accommodate large, small groups and individual travelers on the second floor. The first floor includes reception, retail, self-serve kitchen, dining, shared work spaces, meeting rooms and other support spaces. It also has a central atrium space which is for a stairway connecting the first floor, second floor and the roof gardens. In addition there is retail for the overall Campus Plan Development. I developed the schematic design and renderings that are now being used for fund raising.

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