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I've developed my primary residence, enhancing a 860 SF two-bedroom house on a 7000 SF lot with a 1000 SF extension, optimizing sunlight for a spacious, bright living environment.

This is a property that I have had the opportunity to develop for my own primary residence. It has an 860 SF. existing two bedroom one bathroom house set on a 7000 SF lot. One existing side yard is 25 feet wide on the west side of the house. There I have added a 1000 SF new extension and a deck where I have taken advantage of the west light and sun by tilting the new roof and adding clear story windows.

The sunlight is directly reflected off of the ceiling filling the space with bright light for the living, dining,kitchen and office areas. In some arid climates the west sun is not desirable but in Monterey the climate is temperate, foggy and it is best to maximize available sunlight. The rear extension of the house is designed as a separate suite or a future ADU. The complete house will be 2000 SF with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and an office.

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