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Transformed from a cramped 3-bed, 1-bath to a spacious 3-bed, 2-bath, without adding floor area. Structural modifications, full-height windows, and clever design maximize space and value.

This is another property that I have had the opportunity to develop for my own investment. It was renovated from a layout of three bedrooms and one bathroom to three bedrooms and two baths. The total area is 1500 sf. and there was no floor area added. When I saw this property, although it was in terrible condition, I realized that it had great potential and that it just needed to be opened up inside to create free flowing interior family spaces which could open out to the exterior front yard and rear yard.

To do this, I added interior beams to support the ceilings which allowed me to remove many interior walls. Because of this it require a structural engineer but the result was well worth it! I replaced all of the exterior windows with full height windows without effecting the structural integrity of the exterior and without additional engineering and construction costs. I love how full height windows bring the exterior garden views into the interior.

The front was needing a porch so I used a cantilevered roof for unobstructed access to the garden and a wooden deck. To allow the interior to extend out to the rear patio area, I created a large wooden deck. The building construction budget was low, so I got maximum value by using good design and affordable materials.

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