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Acquired 9000 sf lot in Santa Monica for six-unit condo project, navigating zoning hurdles for ideal design. Deep expertise in building regulations and legalities available for consultation.

I purchased this 9000 sf lot in Santa Monica to develop a six unit condominium complex. Five of the units are 1500 sf. with two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a loft. One unit is low income with two bedrooms and one bathroom. The bedrooms are on the first floor, the living and dining are on the second floor and a loft with exterior decks is on the third floor.

Although the building height limit is two stories, by careful study, I was able to include the third floor lofts. Designing the building was a great pleasure, but getting the building permits was an arduous task. The zoning code allowed seven units, but six units was the preferred design because seven units would have required an expensive traffic study.

Then during the design process, the city of Santa Monica zoning department revised the zoning laws to allow only four units. Because of the extensive research I had done into the planning and zoning codes, I was able to submit  the project before the zoning change took effect. I also learned about the legal issues associated with condominiums. Because of the downturn during the 2008 recession, I had to sell the property with the permits.

The new owners were very happy with my design and it is nearing completion. Now I am able to share with you my vast knowledge about the practical issues of dealing with building regulations and legalities.

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