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A 750 sf three-car garage near Ocean Park beach transformed into a one-bedroom ADU, utilizing existing openings for efficiency. Plans undergoing permitting, designed with 3D software.

This project is at the rear of a beautiful craftsman house located one block from the Ocean Park beach. My client saw the possibilities to create an accessory dwelling unit for a rental or for family members. Perhaps for themselves, if they need to downsize in their retirement. It is an 750 sf existing three car garage that I will be converting into a one bedroom  ADU. To economize the project, I am able to utilize the existing three garage openings without the need to re-frame the exterior.

The design uses the existing garage door openings for new doors and windows.To the existing interior columns I have added  beams that cantilever out to the exterior to form the canopy roofs. The plans are now in the permitting process. As with all of my projects,I am using three dimensional drawing soft ware throughout the design process.

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